Lines and Strides with Will Faudree

Lines and Strides with Will Faudree

By Sydney Schultz, Spring 2017 Junior Scholarship Recipient 

Thank you, SEDA, for providing such a cool and unique learning experience for the members to go to clinics with this scholarship. I chose to use my Junior/Young Rider Scholarship towards the Will Faudree Clinic hosted at Lagniappe Equestrian Center this past spring. It was a very fun and educational two days that consisted of stadium jumping and cross-country. In stadium, he had two sets of lines: one in the shape of an “S” and the other was a normal line consisting of a forward two or a slow three into a one stride. Dolce and I were doing very well and Will wanted to challenge us into adding or shortening strides in the “S” line, and when he first said this I thought that he wanted me to lengthen and shorten Dolce’s stride by sending him forward or bringing him back. Then he proceeded to tell me that I didn’t have to do that and that our tempo was great but in order to make it in different striding it’s all about the approach and the angle you take the jump on. It was really interesting and so helpful in seeing how to think “outside of your box” and learn from a professional like Will Faudree. He was very patient and helpful, and took the time to make sure you understood everything he was trying to teach.

The next day we went out on the cross-country course, Dolce and I had another great day. So Will wanted us to do some bigger fences which tested and pushed us. So, we ended up jumping a line from a big log to a ditch, then we went and jumped a table. Will helped me understand why sometimes Dolce would go over the ditch, and other times not. He saw that my position on Dolce was a little too forward and that I was riding it differently from other jumps. So, after adjusting my position and focusing on how this was no different than some of the pole work that we did on Saturday, there was no more hesitation. We were finally jumping a ditch confidently! Again, the lessons that were learned from his clinic were so great!  We really left it feeling like we had a stronger “edge” on what to do and how to handle situations as they came up while riding/jumping!

So, thank you SEDA for granting me this Scholarship!! It was truly amazing and educational, and I look forward to taking these new “lessons” and growing with Dolce even more!

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