SEDA Schooling Dressage Show Championships

 There will be a Dressage Schooling Show Championship after the close of the show season. A head-to-head challenge, showcasing our talented schooling show riders in the spirit of friendly competition. The Championship will take place at a date and place to be determined in January of the following year. If numbers allow, the Championship may be held in conjunction with an open show or clinic. 

 The Championship is dressage only and all tests will be ridden in a 20 x 60 arena. USDF Introductory through Grand Prix, Western Dressage and USEA tests that have more than one test in the level and that are written also for a 20 x 60 arena are eligible. The Championship will be in a two-part format and the top two tests of the level will be ridden over the course of the competition with the two scores averaged for the final result. 

 Only qualified riders will be invited to enter. YOU MUST BE A MEMBER FOR THE PERTINENT CHAMPIONSHIP YEAR AT THE TIME THE CHAMPIONSHIP TAKES PLACE. Riders may qualify throughout the show year at any SEDA-recognized schooling show starting with the December Fleur de Leap. Tests at the Championship may be double judged. To heighten the sense of occasion, formal dress and turnout is highly encouraged but not compulsory. There may be a formal presentation of ribbons and a lap of honor for the placed riders. 

The qualifying procedure at a schooling show is easy. If a competitor is riding the highest test of a level and wants it to count as a Schooling Dressage Championship qualifier, inform the show secretary and pay the qualifying fee before the test is ridden, either by filling out the appropriate information on the show entry form or directly in the show office on the day of the show. 

SEDA Schooling Dressage Show Championship Rules

The Schooling Show Championship is offered at the end of the competition year for qualified schooling show competitors. The show serves as a showcase of the talented schooling show riders who are members of SEDA. If offered, the open show or clinic portion of the show is open to anyone, regardless of prior schooling show experience. The Championship rides will be the two highest tests of the level and the scores will be averaged for the final result. Championship rides in the Championship portion of the show may not be submitted for Year End Award consideration. Championship rides may be double judged. Classes will be placed through 6th place. Placed riders may be expected to return mounted for awards. While formal dress and turnout is encouraged, it is not compulsory. 

Test callers are not permitted. 

The Walk/Trot Championship comprises Introductory Level tests A & B. Introductory B is ridden as the qualifying test. 

The Introductory Championship comprises Introductory tests B & C. Introductory C is ridden as the qualifier. 

USEA Starter is not eligible for the Championship as there is only one test of the level. 

All Championship tests will be ridden in the 20 x 60 arena. 

Qualification Requirements

  • Participants must be current SEDA members in good standing for the pertinent Championship year at the time to be invited to ride in the Championship. 
  • Qualifying Scores must be obtained at SEDA-recognized Schooling Shows during the current competition year. 
  • Each rider must declare in which division they are competing (Junior/Young Rider, Amateur, Open) for qualifying rides, and must compete in that division at the Championships. 
  • Horse/Rider combinations can only be ridden in classes in two (2) consecutive levels (i.e. Training and 1st level). 
  • No horse/pony may be ridden in more than three (3) tests per day including open show classes if offered. 
  • Horse/Rider combinations must obtain two (2) qualifying scores (percentages) at two (2) different shows with two (2) different judges at a given level.

Schooling Show Championship FAQs

Who may qualify?
Any member in good standing at the time scores are earned. You must be a paid up member on the day your scores are earned.

How do I qualify?
Earn two qualifying scores at the highest test of a level. These must be earned at two different shows with two different judges.

Must I pay a qualifying fee?
Yes. Before riding the qualifying test, the qualifying fee must have been submitted with the show entry or paid in the show office. In licensed shows riders pay to qualify for the same reasons, so competitors are getting the full experience without the huge association costs and travel.

If I didn’t pay before I rode and I make my score, may I pay afterwards?
No. Competitors must declare prior to riding a test.

Why must I pay a fee?
This will help fund the cost of Championship ribbons and prizes and the additional cost involved in providing the “full Championship experience”.

Is the qualifying class separate from the regular class?
No. The whole class is pinned together, the only difference being that if a rider paid a qualifying fee, he/she may earn a qualifying score towards the championship.

How do I know what the qualifying score is for my level and my division?
Consult the table below.

What does it mean to be double judged at the Championship?
There will be a judge at C and another judge at E or B. The average of the two scores will be used.

How will the show secretary know I plan to ride the highest test of my level as a qualifier?
There will be a line on the entry form asking you if you are riding the highest test of your level as a qualifier. If yes, circle ‘yes’ and include the $10 qualifying fee made payable to SEDA. If not, simply circle “no’. The show secretary will then send a list of the qualified rides to SEDA along with the results.

Does the actual Championship ride count towards the current Year End awards?
No. Only rides in the open portion of the show will count toward Year End awards.

Can I enter the Championship if I have not earned the scores?
No. At the end of the qualifying period, only those horse/rider combinations who meet the requirement will be invited to show in the Championship.

May I enter the open show (if there is one) and the Championship?Yes, provided your horse does not enter more than three tests per day.

What is the qualifying period?
All SEDA-recognized or -sponsored schooling shows between December 1 and November 30 may be used to attempt qualification.

I paid my qualifying fee prior to riding my test but I did not realize my membership was not in good standing when I rode. Will my test still count and, if I qualify, will I be allowed to ride in the Championship?
As long as you make good on the membership for the year you are trying to qualify for, prior to Championship invitations being extended, you will be invited to ride if you have qualified.

Schooling Show Championships Qualifying Scores

INTRO LEVEL (TEST C)63.00060.00059.000
TRAINING LEVEL (TEST 3)63.00060.00059.000
FIRST LEVEL (TEST 3)62.00058.00058.000
SECOND LEVEL (TEST 3)61.00058.00058.000
THIRD LEVEL (TEST 3)60.00057.00057.000
FOURTH LEVEL (TEST 3)58.00056.00056.000
USEA (TEST B)63.00060.00059.000
WESTERN DRESSAGE (TEST 4)63.00060.00059.000

Qualified for the 2024 SEDA Schooling Dressage Championships

The following riders have qualified for the 2024 Championship Show to be held in January 2025.

Sherrie Davis / Framboise
Charlotte Garver / Paravel
Abigail Phillips / Parker
Rebecca Stewart / Mr GQ
Claire Womack / Freckles Little High

Brenda Yawn / Bertie W

Danielle Aymond / New Max
Sally Power / Cantaloupe VI

Sally Power / Cantaloupe VI

Connor Aymond / Buster

Brenna Bokar / Malibu Classic
Claire Deselles / Caution Wet Paint
Gianna Guarino / Fool’s Gold