SEDA members are fortunate to have several scholarships and grants available to them through the Club and generous benefactors. Read below for details on what you can apply for and the individual guidelines for these opportunities.

SEDA Scholarship

Mission Statement
The Mission of the SEDA Scholarship Program is to provide educational opportunities for a wide variety of members who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to and/or service to SEDA. In particular, the committee seeks to support qualified members to take advantage of specific opportunities for advancement with the understanding that the membership and the sport will benefit as a result of the knowledge and experience gained.

Scholarship Program
As part of SEDA’s mission, educational scholarships are made available to members who wish to expand their training in dressage/eventing. Scholarships are awarded twice a year. Deadlines for receipt of applications are May 1st and November 1st. Scholarships must be used to participate in educational programs (with someone other than the applicant’s regular trainer) that include, but are not limited to: seminars, workshops, clinics and training programs. To request funding, members may apply as either a Senior or Young Rider.

Process Details
1) Applicant must be a current SEDA member in order to submit a scholarship application and must have completed the four hour volunteer requirement within the six months previous to the scholarship deadline.  Applications must be received by the first of May or November. Completed applications require at least one letter of recommendation from someone (trainer) who can describe the applicant’s current level of riding and abilities.

2) There are two categories in which members may apply: Senior or Young Rider. If the applicant is unsure which category is appropriate, contact the Scholarship Committee Chair.

3) The Scholarship Committee (consisting of at least 3 members), will meet to review applications in a timely manner. They will award scholarships depending upon the availability of funds, qualifications of applicants, etc.

4) The Committee will screen each application with a uniform set of criteria in order to ensure equity among applicants. While the criteria are slightly different for each category, they generally include such benchmarks as length of SEDA membership, volunteer history, other scholarships received, competition level and any previous awards and recognition. In the Young Rider category one of the criteria is Character, including: Scholastic, Leadership, Responsibilities, Teamwork, etc. Senior members who are applying for the scholarship must have completed a minimum of four hours of volunteer time at SEDA-recognized events within the competition year.

5) The Scholarship Committee will notify all applicants of the outcome. Those who are awarded scholarships will be notified by a “Letter of Award” which outlines how the scholarship can be used, as well as requesting the recipient submit an essay sharing their experience which will be published in the SEDA newsletter. Some ways that recipients can ‘give back’ for their scholarship assistance include: giving clinics, organizing a clinic, or organizing a fundraising event for Scholarships. Award recipients must provide receipts to the Treasurer for reimbursement of expenses (up to a maximum of $200) associated with the scholarship. Award recipients may not reapply for another scholarship for a period of one year.

Scholarship must be used within one year from date of award. Award recipients must wait a period of one year from receipt of their award before they may reapply.

All applicants are encouraged to maintain copies of their applications and letter(s) of recommendation. Applicants not chosen are strongly encouraged to reapply for the next scholarship award and may resubmit previous applications/letters of recommendation.

Application Deadlines: May 1 and November 1

Download Application (pdf)


The purpose of this program is to promote the equestrian sport of eventing to current and prospective riding participants. Riders are to demonstrate their commitment and level of horsemanship, sportsmanship, dedication, character, technique, talent, purpose and love of sport.

Application deadline: March 31

Download application and guidelines here

Frankie’s Freestyle Scholarship (“FFS”)

Sponsored by the Aymond Family in loving memory of Come Fly with Me

Award: $475

This scholarship is founded and dedicated to the life of an OTTB, Come Fly With Me (“Frankie”), who passed away in 2021 and was ridden and owned by SEDA member, Danielle Aymond.  Frankie found particularly enjoyment in freestyles and won the USDF Region 9 First Level Freestyle Championship shortly before crossing the rainbow bridge.  The purpose of this program is to inspire and promote freestyle dressage to current SEDA members.  Riders with OTTBs are particularly encouraged to apply.

Application Deadline: December 1

Application and Guidelines

The FFS will be awarded annually to a SEDA member in good standing (including the volunteer hour requirements) to be used towards the creation or training of a dressage freestyle.  This can include: the cost to design a freestyle (including choreography and music) and/or clinics or lessons focused on schooling and preparing a freestyle. Applications are due December 1 of each year and the winner will be announced at the SEDA Annual Awards Banquet.

The freestyle need not be shown in a recognized dressage competition, nor does the rider have to be qualified to show in the level in which the freestyle is being designed.  Applicants are, however, encouraged to at least show the freestyle in SEDA-recognized schooling shows! 

How to apply

Applicants must submit a letter describing the rider’s interest in developing a freestyle or training of a current freestyle and their plan to use the $475 award.  Scholarship must be used within one year from the date of the award or the award must be returned to SEDA. Letters should be submitted to the SEDA President and the Aymond Family will make the final award decision.

*Applicants with OTTBs in their plan/application will be given preference, but is not a requirement.  

Other Scholarships and Grants

Other dressage and eventing organizations offer their own scholarship programs for qualified applicants. Check out the links below for more information on what is available from these institutions.

USDF & Region 9 Educational Grants:
Grants/ Funds are available for Adult or Youth Education Camps, Clinics, & Seminars.
Link to USDF Youth Education

Region 9 Adult Education Grant

The Dressage Foundation

United States Dressage Federation (continuing education programs)

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