Juniors Excel in 4-H

Sarah English on Vinnie, Isabella Rodwig on Chad, Ann Byerley on Maggie, Christian Maloney on Gangster, Alex Varisco on Maeve.

Juniors Excel in 4-H

By Kelley Varisco

SEDA Jr riders were busy competing at 4-H horse shows this summer. The show season started with Southeast District horse show, held in June at the Florida Parish’s arena in Amite. The district show is a qualifier for the state show, which was held in July at the Burton Complex in Lake Charles. At the state level, riders qualify to go on to Southern Regional Horse Championships and compete against riders from thirteen states.

SEDA members participating in summer 4-H shows were: Sarah English, Alex Varisco, Sarah Truett, Isabella Rodwig, Ann Byerley, and Sydney Ragas. Riders competed and qualified in English showmanship, trail, groundwork, halter, hunter under saddle, hunt seat equitation, working hunter, equitation over fences, and dressage.

Isabella Rodwig, earned Southeast District, English high point, 13 and under, and Ann Byerley earned the Southeast District 14 and over English high point.

Alex Varisco won the Louisiana State 4-H English high point award and was named Louisiana State 4-H Premier Exhibitor.

Our junior riders not only ride well, they are smart. Sarah Truett, Sarah English and Alex Varisco earned spots to compete at Southern Regional Horse Championships in the academic horse contest. Alex participated on the Louisiana Quiz Bowl team, Sarah Truett was a member of the state horse judging team, and Sarah English was the state representative in public speaking contest.

Competition at the regional level is tough. The classes tend to be huge. The hunter under saddle class had 151 riders; the training level dressage class was 46. The region places 10 out of each class! Considering the numbers, if you make it to the top 20 that is pretty good. Alex and Maeve placed 2nd in training level dressage and 7th in open jumpers. Isabella Rodwig placed 12th in training level dressage.

Sarah English placed 8th in public speaking and Sarah Truett placed 9th in horse judging.

Louisiana State 4-H Horse Show Results

Premier exhibitor: First place Alex Varisco; 4th Sarah English; 5th Ann Byerley
Public speaking: First place Sarah English
Team demonstration: Isabella Rodwig, Ann Byerley 2nd
Quiz Bowl: 3rd Noah Roheim, Sarah Truett, Hannah Bader, Ann Byerley
Horse judging: 1st Noah Roheim, Sarah Truett, Joy Nettles, Hannah Bader
Open trail: 13 & under—2nd Isabella Rodwig; 14 and over—2nd Ann Byerley, 3rd Alex Varisco
Ground work: 14 & over—7th Ann Byerley
Equitation over fences (all ages): 2nd Ann Byerley; 3rd Alex Varisco; 4th Sarah English; 6th Sydney Ragas
Working hunter (all ages): 1st Alex Varisco, 3rd Sydney Ragas, 4th Sarah English,
Hunter under saddle: 13 & under—2nd Isabella Rodwig, 5th Sydney Ragas; 14 & over—3rd Ann Byerley, 6th Sarah English, and 9th Alex Varisco
Hunt seat Equitation: 13 & under—1st Isabella Rodwig, 6th Sydney Ragas; 14 & over—1st Alex Varisco, 4th Ann Byerley
Dressage training level: 13 & under—1st Isabella Rodwig, 3rd Sydney Ragas; 14 & over—1st Alex Varisco, 2nd Ann Byerley
Dressage first level (all ages): 1st Alex Varisco; 2nd Isabella Rodwig; 3rd Ann Byerley
Hunter showmanship: 13 & under—3rd Sydney Ragas, 6th Isabella Rodwig; 14 & over—2nd Ann Byerley; 3rd Alex Varisco; 6th Sarah English.

Congratulations to all!

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