Check Processing and Making the Suggestion Box Public

Check Processing and Making the Suggestion Box Public

First, the Board would like to thank those who took the time to let us know that they are happy with what we are doing and supportive of our efforts. We deeply appreciate your kind words and endeavor to continue to do a good job.

These suggestions were answered in the May/June issue of Off Course; subsequent suggestions and answers will be published in an article format.

SUGGESTION: It would be good if checks and payments for SEDA events could be deposited sooner – the process takes too long.

ANSWER: The Board acknowledges the issue and apologizes for the inconvenience it has caused. The reason this has occurred is that many different individuals receive the initial funds which then have to be delivered to the Treasurer, who then has to deposit the funds. This has not been a smooth process – sometimes delayed by the Postal Service, sometimes by human oversight, and sometimes by vacations! We have made it our goal to get funds deposited within three weeks of receipt and will work diligently toward that end.

SUGGESTION: Make the suggestion box public so everyone can see what is being suggested. A real move towards being transparent. Plus the added benefit of someone elaborating on an idea and making it even better.

ANSWER: The Board discussed this suggestion and has decided that at this time it would be best to use the newsletter as the public venue of addressing the Suggestions we receive. There are multiple reasons for this.

1)Allowing the suggestions to be publicly accessed may make some members uncomfortable as their anonymity may be compromised.

2)While the Board members enjoy volunteering, at this time, we don’t have enough hours in a day available to moderate a public forum. A discussion forum which could devolve into nastiness without a diligent moderator is not conducive to positive change.

3)The Board wishes to have the opportunity to discuss and address each suggestion properly, with appropriate attention and consideration. As these suggestions are made public, we are certainly open to further comments from members in the event there is something we missed.

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