2020 Region 9 GAIG/USDF and SWDC Championships

2020 Region 9 GAIG/USDF and SWDC Championships

By Paula Gregory

SEDA members have always made a good showing at the Regional Championships in Katy, TX. This year, though we were small in number, we had some significant highlights. There were nearly 300 entries in the GAIG/SWDC and Houston Dressage Society Autumn Classic shows. While maintaining social distancing, masking and other COVID precautions, we still managed to have a good time.

SEDA member, Danielle Mayer Aymond rode “Frankie” (AKA Come Fly With Me) in their first trip to Championships. The pair rode to victory with their GAIG/USDF 1st Level Freestyle with a score of 70%. Her patriotic music inspired freestyle was a huge hit with the judges. The win was also certainly a nice way to celebrate Danielle’s birthday! Jill Zednick and Edward placed 6th in the SWDC First level test-pony.

In the HDS show, Leslie Morris also won with her First Level freestyle on Talisker. Danielle and Frankie won their First Level-3 class. Gerlinde Beckers riding Bienvenu ZSH won their FEI Prix St. George class and garnered qualifying scores for next year. Elaine Harmon (Roslyn KB) won their Third Level-1 class. Ruth Roca and Bella the Great placed third in their First Level-2 class. Jill and Edward placed third in First Level-3. Deanna Myers and Louisiana debuted at Fourth Level, winning their class, a great way to start at a new level. Other SEDA members who also competed in Katy were Mary Alice Edwards (Fortoula) and Kimberly Schultz (Magnus MBF). It was Kimberly’s first trip to championships, she and Magnus will certainly be back next year.

2020 has been a very strange year; however, it provided the nicest weather we have ever had at Regionals – cool nights and days in the 70s! We’ll be back in 2021!

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