A Clinic with Kim Gentry – A Unique Opportunity

A Clinic with Kim Gentry – A Unique Opportunity

By Elaine Harmon

Kim is classically trained in the German system of training and education with extensive training experience in Germany. In 2018, Kim was a member of the Bronze Medal Australian Team at the Wellington CDIO Nations Cup. She is a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist and a successful FEI trainer and international competitor through Grand Prix.  Kim is a highly sought after clinican with her  bit and bridle fitting clinics as well as traditional dressage clinics.

In May I attended a bit fitting clinic with Kim. She evaluated the anatomy of my horses’ mouth, watched my horse go, and discussed what she was seeing and what I was experiencing. 

We tried many bits and found one that my horse liked. It was amazing to see how Roslyn responded to the different types of bits. My horse was really able to communicate to me what she liked and what she didn’t like by the way she responded. I am very pleased with my new bit – Roslyn went from resisting and fighting the bit to going in a much softer frame and reaching for the contact. My horse is much happier; I feel I have an improved partnership with my horse. I’m so glad I listened to what my horse was telling me.

At the beginning of August in Pensacola, Florida, I had the unique opportunity to use my SEDA Scholarship and ride in a 2-day clinic with Kim Gentry. I was really excited to have this opportunity to see if Kim remembered us and if she recognized the same change in Roslyn that I was feeling.  Sure enough, she remembered us and was thrilled to see how well Roslyn was going and how willing she was to accept the contact. The resistance I had been experiencing previously had disappeared. I finally had a horse that I could work with and who would move forward without pain or resistance. Rosyln had been trying to tell me something – I’m so glad I listened.

Now it was time to go to work. Kim focused on our straightness and engagement and activity of the hind end using leg aids, half-halts, and transition work. It was a great feeling to experience Roslyn’s hind end come underneath her, carry more weight behind and lift her shoulders. I really felt in harmony with my horse.

Riding in this clinic was a great follow-up after the bit clinic. I am very grateful to SEDA for the opportunity and for the ongoing opportunities it provides its members. It was such a valuable experience; I am looking forward to the future.

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