Why don’t Pony Club or 4-H scores apply to SEDA Year End Awards? What about a recognized horse trials?

Why don’t Pony Club or 4-H scores apply to SEDA Year End Awards? What about a recognized horse trials?

Sometimes a suggestion box submission is a misperception. In the case of the member who was concerned that Pony Club and 4-H members were not able to participate in SEDA shows because their points do not count, is a misconception. ANYONE, adult or child, who is a member of SEDA, participates in SEDA recognized events and then follows the rules for submitting scores, is eligible to earn points toward SEDA year end awards.

Likely this person was referring to an effort several years ago to have SEDA recognize Pony Club and 4-H classes. After much discussion and debate, the board decided against it. The main reason is that while we support and encourage anyone to participate in and expand their horsemanship in any way they choose, the majority of Pony Club and 4-H classes are NOT open to other members of SEDA. In other words, they are exclusive and would create and unlevel playing field whereby Pony Club members would have an unfair advantage in terms of earning points where other SEDA members could not. However, a compromise was reached by the Board whereby it was decided that any OPEN (defined as open to anyone) Pony Club classes could be used toward SEDA awards IF the Pony Club organizers and management followed SEDA rules for recognition of the event AND the classes match (or closely match) divisions already offered in our year end awards system- just like every other schooling show we recognize. To date, no such request has been made.

While SEDA encourages everyone to pursue their riding goals through whatever club or association they choose, we simply cannot recognize activities that don’t include everyone and that do not meet our established guidelines for year end awards. We reiterate, ANYONE is allowed to participate in SEDA. Pony Club and 4-H members, along with anyone else wishing to participate, are encouraged to do so, within our established rules for fairness and inclusivity. We simply are not in the position to retrofit our awards program for every outside club, nor conversely would they be willing or able to do that for SEDA.

Yet another submission suggested that SEDA work toward getting a recognized Horse Trial. You are reading our minds! We have submitted our application to the USEA for a recognized show. Judges and a TD have been secured. Our President, Lynn Quast will be attending the Area 3 meeting in June to officially request dates for September 2015. After that it will simply be a matter of waiting for approval. Our long term goal of putting on a recognized Horse Trial is very close to being realized!

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