SEDA Elections

SEDA Elections

SUGGESTION: I just wanted to drop a quick note. I was in the process of going online to complete my vote for officers for the next two years. When I went to the link provided in the email I noticed that there is only one choice for each and every single position. Is this really the case? Personally, this doesn’t feel like an election if there are no choices. What can be done to change this? This also seemed to be the case in the last election too.

RESPONSE: Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns about our election. You are correct, there is only one candidate for each position, and the Newsletter position had no candidate at all. The Board has been asking in earnest for volunteers to serve on the Board since early summer. These requests, pleas, and individual conversations resulted in NO ONE putting themselves in the pool for the Board. Current Board members, therefore, opted to serve another term rather than let positions be vacant. The exception is the Newsletter position, for which no one stepped forward with an interest to take it on, and the incumbent needed to step down. Therefore, the club will not have a newsletter for the foreseeable future.

We would be very pleased to offer an election that is more than a formality. This seldom happens as, to do so, we need people to volunteer to serve in these positions. Requirements are available in the ByLaws and were easily accessible to members via the weekly Bleeps, the website, and Facebook. We cannot force members to read the communications or to get involved. This is a volunteer organization, it runs on volunteers, and we need more people to express an interest in getting involved for more than their required volunteer hours.

We suggest that if you would like to see some new names on the ballot or more choices for the positions, that you consider running for a Board position yourself. Since this was an anonymous submission, we cannot ask you directly, but do encourage you – and every member of SEDA – to consider volunteering for a Board position in the next election. We need more people to express an interest in club governance if SEDA is going to continue into the future. Ask a Board member or come to a Board meeting to see what is involved and find out how you can best serve your fellow members.

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