Sponsor An Award

Sponsor an Award!

We’d like to make our show experience even more fun by offering a variety of fun awards! Choose from some of our ideas or create your own. It can be whatever you would like. Fill out the form below with your selections. We’ll post a list of sponsored awards on the related show page on the website so everyone can see what is available and we can thank you, our sponsors!

Intermittent issues with the form below have been reported. Tips: Make sure you indicate ‘No’ to any award you are NOT sponsoring. When you enter your credit card information, the form will separately ask for your ZIP code: if your browser automatically fills in your credit card information, you may have to manually enter the ZIP code. If you cannot get it to work, please email newsletter@sedariders.org with your award selection and you will be directed how to submit payment by either check or PayPal.