Getting “Out of the Comfort Box”

Getting “Out of the Comfort Box”

By Kimberly Schultz, Spring 2017 Adult Scholarship Recipient

This year I was very fortunate to have been granted a Scholarship from SEDA, and I chose to use it towards the Will Faudree Clinic. What made it even extra special was that my daughter had received the Junior Rider Scholarship at the same time, so we were able to clinic together!! It was only my second clinic that I had ever attended, but knew the thing was right to rule assess and progress where Magnus and I were.

I can honestly say that I loved Will’s style as a clinician! And, I will attend any clinic he hosts in the future! He was very open minded with a comical, dry wit, and so intuitive. I also liked that I felt he gave everyone a fair share of attention and was able to improve everyone’s ride.

We began Saturday with Stadium jumping. It was wonderful and humorous all in the same breath…I was learning how to keep Magnus within a specific number of strides per jump, which occupies my entire consciousness! And then, Will is telling me to sit straight, don’t lean, open the opposite rein, close the outside leg…well I had to laugh! Everyone who knows me, knows I’m saying “OMG…Help!!” Magnus and I don’t really have very many miles when it comes to jumping, but we are trying really hard to gain some ground on it! Well, we ended up “getting it” and I must say Will knew exactly how to get my fullest attention…Every time I “failed the mission at hand”, Will would so nicely make the over jump wider! Of course, he knew Magnus could handle this new little obstacle, that continued to grow, and grow, and grow…Well, we finally got it! But, I must say, I never jumped so high in my life! Obviously, it’s me that is holding us back, Magnus loves it and does a great job!

The next day, we ventured out on cross country. Again, it was an amazing learning experience. When a good clinician is able to accurately assess you and your horse, and safely push you outside of your “comfort box”, this is when your mind is opened and you realize your potential is much greater. When this reality takes place, both rider and horse grow in their confidence and become able to progress themselves to the next level…this is the beauty in attending a clinic with a talented instructor, such as Will Faudree. Magnus and I were able to jump obstacles out on course that we hadn’t considered prior, but we did it!! And, we loved it!! Magnus and I were finally able to successfully conquer the infamous ditch, which has always seemed to be his “monster in the closet”!

All in all, the clinic was huge success for us. My daughter and her companion, Dolce, also had a wonderful, educational, and positive experience at this clinic. And, I thank you SEDA for providing this wonderful opportunity for its members to be able to attend such clinics, in order to better develop our riding skill!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

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