Adventures in Photography

Adventures in Photography

By Dawn Petraitis

F-stop, shutter speed, ISO: what do these have to do with taking pictures? I thought all you had to do was point and shoot. That changed after a clinic with Marie Cobb, master photographer, at Equi-Best Equestrian Center in mid-August.

I’ve always been one to be behind the camera. For years, I had a simple point-and-shoot digital camera. But last year, I decided to invest in a good camera with interchangeable lenses. I settled on a Sony mirrorless DSLR because it had great reviews and was small enough to fit in my backpack while traveling.

I lived in auto mode with my DSLR until this winter, when I experimented with manual mode. I figured the grand prix classes at the Gulf Coast Winter Classics were the perfect test bed. Those pictures proved that I didn’t know what I was doing. So I put my camera back in auto mode for a trip to Belize in early March (except for a few select instances).

When I saw that Marie Cobb was doing another photography clinic, I jumped at the chance. I knew I would learn how the different camera settings would affect my pictures. The morning focused on learning our cameras, what the settings mean, and other photography tips, such as composition, time of day, and proper exposure.

Our afternoon was filled with willing models. Everything from dressage, to jumping, and at liberty in varying light conditions gave us a huge amount of experience packed into a short time period. We spent our late lunch break reviewing our pictures before going out to shoot more.

My next goal is to learn how to adjust my pictures after they are taken. It was a great opportunity to learn what makes a great picture. Many thanks to Marie Cobb for sharing her knowledge!

Editor’s note: Many thanks to Dawn for her report. It was a fun clinic and a great opportunity for all seven intrepid photographers who attended. Many thanks to Equi-Best for hosting and providing models.

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