Taking Their Best Shot

Taking Their Best Shot

A hot August Saturday was no deterrent for the intrepid photographers looking to learn tips and techniques from master photographer, Marie Cobb.

The full-day clinic was held at Equi-Best Equestrian Center in Covington where the participants had access to both the lovely facility and a host of willing models.

The morning focused on camera use. What the settings mean, and the importance of knowing how to manually adjust your camera, not just rely on the programmed settings. Explanations of composition, time of day, shutter speeds, proper exposure and more helped everyone fine tune their skills.

After lunch, the participants were able to practice by taking pictures of horses and riders both in a covered arena and outdoors, demonstrating dressage, jumping, and hacking about for a variety of subject matter.

It was a great opportunity to learn and we look forward to seeing the results in future newsletters! Thanks to Marie Cobb for generously sharing her knowledge.

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